Tornado Mufflers & Resonators

New Range of Tornado and Exhaust Resonators

The spiral internals work by creating a vortex in the muffler/resonator that helps to drag the exhaust gases from the engine. This in turn adds to performance and increased exhaust flow.

Tornado Resonators

We have found that our Tornado resonators not only excel in performance orientated exhausts but also have the added advantage of stopping the drone inside the vehicle.

Tornado Resonators are available in Stainless Steel and Mild Steel.
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Tornado Mufflers

Our Tornado mufflers are made in such a way that they offer no restrictions to the exhaust gas flow as both inlet and outlet pipes are made from mandrel merged bends, so there are no internal restrictions inside the muffler. This offers better flow and higher performance.

Tornado Mufflers are only available in Mild Steel at present.
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